The Solar Wizard

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**No Refunds**

Unlimited support in active subscription.

Solar Wizard is easy to use for anyone. Simply select your colors, upload a logo, set your incentives, utility rate, and the price you want to sell at high/low for cash, loan or solar lease purchases. The plugin will take care of the rest!

Product details

  • Select Color
  • Upload Logo
  • Customize
  • Utility
  • Price Range
  • Incentives
  • Email Notification

If you’re tired of answering the question “how much does it cost to go solar?” day after day, Solar Wizard is the ideal plugin for your WordPress site.

The problem today is that everyone will tell the consumer How Much They Can Save but not at what COST. This leaves homeowners nervous about whether or not they can afford to go solar.

As a result, many who may be able to afford solar do not complete the Free Quote Form because they don’t want to be on a list and embarrassed when the price is too high.

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